Integrated Biologix Employees

Wibke Lembke
Senior Bioanalytical Consultant

Wibke has a Diploma in Biochemistry and a Doctor rerum naturalium (PhD in natural science)

Dr. Wibke Lembke became a recognized bioanalytical and biomarker professional over the last 10+ years actively shaping the bioanalytical landscape by being a passionate member of bioanalytical working groups such as EBF and IQ consortium.

She gained in-depth experience in the drug development of diverse modalities (mAbs, bispecifics, alternative scaffolds, fusion proteins, macrocyclic peptides, small molecules as well as Cell and Gene Therapies) in a variety of different disease indications from discovery to post marketing in both Biotech and Pharma.

As part of her previous roles at Covagen, J&J and UCB, Wibke strategically and operationally lead bioanalytical and translational research groups, established bioanalytical and translational biomarker strategies on a portfolio level and worked on outsourcing strategies and therewith close with CRO`s (oversight, governance, selection, audits and monitoring).

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